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The Orange Locomotive A/C System

Key features:

  • 72 VDC
  • Does not require an inverter
  • Reduces power surges
  • Split-system components can fit any cab
  • Can be installed in new-build or existing locomotives

Complete system includes:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor with brushless motor
  • Condenser

The Orange AC integrates itself seamlessly into existing cabin interiors, without looking like a retrofit.

Extra - No inverter!
Specifications and Features Separator
(Weight 10 lbs)
Achieving a cooling capacity of 30,000 BTU and with individual adjustable airflow louvers
Refrigerant System Non Ozone depleting refrigerant, type R134a, sealed systems (eliminates need for refrigeration techs for installation)
72V DC Power Directly from the locomotives electrical systems battery bank and/or Auxiliary Generator (Operating Voltage 68 VDC to 74 VDC)
Condenser /
42,000 BTU 24 lbs./46 lbs
Orange A/C Parts

Why VRF?

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology works like the accelerator in a car, by matching the Out-Put to the Load. The compressor starts up smoothly and ramps up until it meets the demand. When the Thermostat is satisfied, it ramps down slowly for compressor cooling.

Modular Design

Our design offers a unique Modular Design for easy operations during the Maintenance or Replacement of a component. Each component is heavy-duty construction, offering easier installation and lower labor cost to the installer.

Installation #1: Roof Mount - No Cutout

Our Compact Modular design can be easily mounted anywhere on the locomotive. The Roof Mount is most common and achieves a low clearance of only 10.5 inches to accommodate tunnel clearances or low bay doors.

Orange A/C Components

Air Conditioner Reference Dimensions - 42K BTU for Road Units

Orange A/C Dimensions
Orange A/C Dimensions


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Orange Brochure 2020