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The Orange Air Conditioner product

Take the heat off with 32,000 BTU Cool Reliability

From the team that’s supplied thousands of air conditioners to the marine and transport industry, INPS Environmental Products (IEP) presents the patented Orange Locomotive Air Conditioner.

Key Features

Flexible Modular Design

Complete heavy duty, light weight construction component system including:


Orange A/C key features image
ORANGE A/C Performance image


Avoid Problems (Issues) Associated With:

The Orange A/C Solution

Yes, we have no inverters! (But we do have Banana’s)

The Banana Auxiliary Power Unit


The Orange Air Conditioner product dimensions
Orange A/C environmental image


Refrigerant system employs a non-ozone depleting refrigerant, type R134a (Optional R-1234YF Low GWP). Non-hermetic compressor drive. Compressor can be serviced separately from the motor.